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Arnee Hidalgo

Business Graduate

"With the able guidance of my professors in this college who imparted me the invaluable knowledge in the course of my stay, coupled with the encouragement..." read more>>

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Kristen Gabutero
AB Media Arts Graduate


"In my 4-year stay in Southville as a Media Arts student, I have acquired exceptional skills in graphic design and layout, web design and development, freehand drawing and illustration, traditional and digital animation, photography, video and sound editing, etc. This has allowed me to render my services to this school (in more ways than one), as well as various freelancing projects. Southville has given me the technical knowledge to excel in this field, as well as the drive and determination to do what it takes to succeed."




Michael Brion
AB Media Arts Class 2011


"I enrolled in Southville because it's the only school in south that offers intensive and competent training in Media Arts. I believe that Southville has taught me enough to take my creative skills to the next level and be an essential contributor in the industries. My professors in Southville are my mentors as well in my current career as a freelance graphic artist. They taught me how to hone my skills enough to stand out from the rest. They gave me lectures and asked me to read books but they focused on teaching me what is really important: What is it like out there in the creative industries? These practical and real time trainings that they taught gave me an extra mile in my chosen field."