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Kristen Gabutero

Multi Media Arts Graduate

"In my 4-year stay in Southville as a Media Arts student, I have acquired exceptional skills in graphic design and layout, web design and development, freehand drawing and... "read more>>

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US-3Kim Trizzia F. Flores
World Champion in Performing Arts
(Hollywood, CA)
Southville High School Class 2007    


"I didn’t expect Southville will support me in what I love to do.  Southville has been very understanding to my academic and personal needs. I learned to be more responsible with work and persevering in achieving my goals. SISC’s strong support enables me to sing in concerts and earn good grades at the same time.  This is why it always makes me feel good to bring honor to my school."



US-6Inez Chiara C. Cortes
Ateneo de Manila Merit Scholar
Southville High School Class 2004 



"Southville made learning fun.  It was never all memorization or lecture; we were encouraged in and out of class, to think for and express ourselves that made studying seemed like a challenge to surmount, instead of a chore to dread. With a mindset like that, becoming a scholar—or being “smart”—is nothing special. It’s the natural result."



US-2Clarissa Lazaro
RP Team Football player
Southville High School Class 2004



"Southville education developed in me a solid character that enabled me to qualify for the Philippine National Women’s Football Team. As a student-athlete, I learned how to be disciplined and to persevere in order to excel in both academics and sports. SISC’s curriculum also trained me to become responsible and to be equipped with the 5C's—Competence, Character, Creativity, Collaboration, and Commitment to Achieve - qualities that empowered me to become a leader in my chosen field."