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Ivan N. Paner

Upper School,

Class 2005-2006

"Southville education thoroughly implements not only academic skills to the students but values and life-skills as well... "read more>>

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US-4Erina Joy Tabora
Montgomery College
Southville Upper School, Class 2007-2008


“For thirteen years, Southville has been my home. I couldn’t have had a better home. From Kinder to High School, it taught me not only academics but also how to live life. Southville taught me to be independent, to be book smart and street smart, to be practical and to keep my faith in God. Now that I’m in College, the values and lessons Southville instilled in me have helped me and prepared me for life ahead in College, which I am experiencing right now. The PASS Portfolio and Defense we had during my graduating Grade School and High School years helped me with my College thesis and made it easier for me while the rest of my classmates were shocked that I seemed to have done it without having such a hard time. Because I was introduced to it at an early age, it comes easily to me now in college. My classmates would ask me how I did that so easily and I simply told them that in Southville, they prepare us for the hard stuff at an early age so by the time you’re in College, everything will just be a breeze."

"To top that, Southville has prepared us for real life. Now that I’m in America to continue university, I couldn’t be anymore thankful. The atmosphere here is just like in Southville that’s why I feel so at home. Thanks to Southville I’ve learned how to socialize and interact with students of diverse nationalities and cultures and take on challenges just like the rest of them do. I’ve learned to enjoy life as it is and at the same time balance the social side and academic side. And since Southville taught me to articulately express and speak my mind, it wasn’t hard to do so when I came to the US to study, even while I’m adjusting to other new things. I really enjoyed my 13 years in Southville and wouldn’t have had a better High School life anywhere else. It surely was the best part of my growing years. I couldn’t have chosen any other school.”