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Dr. Marvin Jino Bugna

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"Southville trained me to become a responsible and disciplined person. It helped me become a good leader in many ways. It taught me the importance of helping others and studying hard in order to get good grades. Applying the 5C’s (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve) and 5S’s (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) that Southville taught me was a great help that made a big impact and difference in my life in becoming a doctor." read more>>

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melizza sorianoMelizza Soriano
Southville High School Valedictorian, Class 2010




"One skill I acquired from Southville that greatly helped me in college was using the English language as a medium to explain concepts both in written form and in front of audience. Back in high school, we were trained to speak formally in the class. We were also asked to write essays and reflection papers. I remember almost always encountering essay question in exams. In college, I could explain things better with the help on a pen and paper. I can say that I owe part of my writing skills in Southville. Southville has helped me connect concepts and present them in a coherent manner. One very helpful technique I learned was to create mind maps. In fact, the very first mind map I made was a requirement from one of our teachers in Southville. Southville indeed provides its student training in understanding communication, which gave me an advantage and degree confidence in my undergrad years and even now in medicine."