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Wendy Tabusalla

Communications Graduate

"Southville allowed me to learn things pivotal in my field of study while at the same time encouraging me to..." read more>>

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Ray Jeven Labio

West Point Military Academy Graduate
HS Batch 2005


When I attended SISC, I was motivated by the school's vast, well invested curriculum that emphasized in academics and values. Unique subjects such as Entrepreneurship and Home Economics allowed me to challenge myself, be creative, and think outside the box. Events such as International Week and the Comprehensive Growth Series were not only fun, but also taught me about self-respect and respect for others. On top of that, SISC has passionate faculty who inspired me to go above and beyond. That foundation enabled me to attend and graduate from one of the toughest academies in the world: West Point. I am currently an officer in the U.S. Army, and it's a tough job that brings a new agenda every day. My ability to adapt to new situations and environments was strengthened at SISC. In addition, the Army is a "people" organization. I'm a leader, on and off duty. That's what SISC developed me to be—to lead with integrity and set a good example. The 5 C's are what I live by and enforce. It's a motto that aligns with the Army Values, as well as mine.