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Ivan N. Paner

Upper School,

Class 2005-2006

"Southville education thoroughly implements not only academic skills to the students but values and life-skills as well... "read more>>

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The Basic Education Department is learner-centered. Constructive in approach, students are made to find or construct meaning from what they are doing through active learning experiences.

Institutional Features

Learning Programs for the Gifted

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) originally started with the purpose of being a "Special School for the Gifted" and its first students graduated with honors from top world-ranked universities. SISC's Vision and Tasks Circle is a weekly program for gifted students designed to support their comprehensive growth. The Advanced Learning Program is a focused program designed for academically gifted learners in a particular subject. Learners with gifts outside the logical intelligences are also attended to through the Learning Assistance Program.

Differentiated Learning

Multiple intelligences, learning styles or various learning modalities, interests, and readiness of students are considered in the delivery of instruction. Lesson plans & instruction are premised on brain-based learning principles.  Competencies and skills are reflected on the learning outcomes in the various subjects.

International Curriculum

The Basic Education K-12 curriculum model of SISC is founded on the research of McREL (Mid-content Research for Education and Learning) based in Denver, Colorado. The McREL curriculum is integrated with the Science, Applied Science, Math, History, and English subjects.


Values Education

These are the values that are integrated in our programs.

Affirmation of Self and Others

          o Awareness of One's Strengths and Weaknesses
          o Believing in Oneself
          o Accepting and Affirming Each Other's Uniqueness
          o Loving Self and Others


Interpersonal Sensitivity, Empathy, Sharing

          o Honing One's Basic Skills in Interpersonal Relationship
          o Developing Sensitivity to the Needs of Others
          o Growing in Empathy for the Socially Disadvantaged
          o Empathy/"Caring for Others" in Action


Goal Setting: Passion to Achieve

          o Identifying, Developing, Affirming One's Interests and Abilities
          o Setting a Personal Vision
          o Modeling from the Drive of Achievers
          o Developing the Passion to Achieve


Industry, Discipline, and Perseverance

          o Growing in Personal and Social Responsibility
          o Discipline in the Use of Time, Money, and Personal Resources
          o Keeping Commitments without Being Pressured
          o Turning in Outputs Despite Difficulties Encountered


Global Consciousness, Global Excellence

          o Knowing We Belong in One World, One Humanity
          o Learning from Each Other, Learning from International Cultures
          o Growing in Kinship Especially with Asian Neighbors
          o Knowing that Personal Goals and Achievements Can Lead to 
             Institutional, National, and Global Excellence


Healthy Personal - Social Relations

          o Enhancing One's Sense of Belonging and Teamwork
          o Realizing the Value of Sharing One's Talents in the Achievement
             of the Group's Goals
          o Developing Leadership Skills
          o Assuming Bigger Roles and Responsibilities in the Home, 
             School, and Community


Effective Control and Management of Emotions

          o Growing in Capacity to Identify and Articulate One's Emotions
          o Emotional Behaviours and their Impact on Others
          o Learning More Effective Ways of Expressing Emotions
          o Growing in Tolerance for Frustrations, Conflict, and Pressures


Courage, Responsibility, Inner-Directedness

          o Being True to Oneself/One's Values
          o Consciousness of One's Roles and Responsibilities in School, 
             Home, and Society
          o Growing in Responsibility for One's Thoughts and Actions
          o Growing in Inner-directedness



          o Doing Things Well
          o Giving My Best in Everything I Do



          o Maintaining Cleanliness as a Habit
          o Discarding Trash, Keeping the Essentials
          o Cleaning Equipment, Furniture, and Other Resources
          o Keeping an Orderly Environment, Having and Orderly Mind
          o Outputs First Before Rewards

Valuing Time

          o Knowing the Value of Time
          o Keeping Time Commitment (Punctuality in assemblies, 
             Conferences, Meetings)
          o Responding and Acting with A Sense of Urgency
          o Turning In Outputs Before Due Dates