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Cadet Private Ray Jeven Labio

Upper School,

Class 2005-2006

"The fact that SISC is a prestigious school known worldwide for developing individuals to be excellent in academics and values really impressed my admissions officers at West Point... "read more>>

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Learning Programs for the Gifted

Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) originally started with the purpose of being a "Special School for the Gifted" and its first students graduated with honors from top world-ranked universities. SISC's Vision and Tasks Circle is a weekly program for gifted students designed to support their comprehensive growth. The Advanced Learning Program is a focused program designed for academically gifted learners in a particular subject. Learners with gifts outside the logical intelligences are also attended to through the Learning Assistance Program.

Differentiated Learning

Multiple intelligences, learning styles or various learning modalities, interests, and readiness of students are considered in the delivery of instruction. Lesson plans & instruction are premised on brain-based learning principles.  Competencies and skills are reflected on the learning outcomes in the various subjects. 


International Curriculum

The Basic Education K-12 curriculum model of SISC is anchored on the 5Cs (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve). The sources of standards are the National Curriculum of United Kingdom for Mathematics, Applied Science and Social Living and Global Education and Common Core State Standards of United States for English.

Values Education

The Universal Values Program of SISC aims to strengthen the values of Integrity, Courage, Conviction, Interpersonal Relations, Productivity, Creativity, and Excellence in the students.

The values program is supported by the Guardianship Program wherein students are assigned a faculty member, staff, or school officer to guide them as they face challenges and concerns that come with the various developmental stages.