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Stay Current: A Challenge to BSN Students

Experts tell us that what we know today will be outdated in three to seven years, so it becomes imperative that we stay up-to-date. This is true especially in the field of healthcare and nursing practice. In line with this SISC, College of Nursing has taken time to tap on nurse experts in various fields to keep nursing knowledge of students and faculty current.
For this second semester, the College of Nursing had the pleasure of inviting Mr. Alex Raye Policarpio of BD (Bection Dickinson & Co.) a nurse resource specialist in Intravenous Therapy and Infection Control who imparted valuable information not only on current biomedical products but more importantly on evidence-based nursing practice updates.
Last January 17, 2017, the Nursing Skills Lecture room was filled with BSN III & BSN IV students and some faculty members who welcomed the New Year with exciting current nursing practice updates. This had been another initiative to augment the learning experience of our BSN students at Southville in an effort to instill the value of competence and developing them to be lifelong-learners. –CAV


Figure 1: BSN III & IV students with (L-R) Mr. Aldrin Dabu (Faculty), Dean Carmel Villegas, AR Policarpio (Guest Lecturer), Ms. Liza Jimenez (Clinical Coordinator).