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BS Psychology: Faculty

  • Faculty members endeavor to implement the purposes and objectives of the institution and the specific objectives of the college under survey.Faculty members follow the syllabi and enrich them through additional readings.
  • Faculty members show mastery of the subject matter.
  • Faculty members show evidence of preparedness for classes.
  • Faculty members are aware of recent educational trends and problems and are able to relate the subject matter to current issues.
  • Faculty members make creative use of library resources and other instructional aids.
  • Faculty members show evidence of professional growth through research activity and publications.
  • Faculty members devote time for formal and informal consultation with students outside the classroom.
  • The school has a policy on recruitment or qualified faculty applicants.
  • The percentage of faculty members with earned graduate degrees is satisfactory.
            93 – 100%            Excellent           5
            84 – 92%              Very Good        4
            75 – 83%              Good                3
            50 – 74%              Fair                  2
              0 – 49%              Poor                 1
  • Faculty members teach courses in their field of specialization. 
  • Deficiencies in graduate degrees of faculty members are compensated by other qualifications such as satisfactory teaching experience and professional practice.
  • Faculty members assigned to handle Practicum Courses have at least three years of experience in their specialized field of study