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The College IB Policy

International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma graduates and Certificate holders from schools in the Philippines and overseas, are granted exemptions and advanced credits in the higher education level of Southville International School and Colleges (SISC). The college waives its entrance examination to all holders of an International Baccalaureate Diploma with at least a total score of 18, with not more than one subject with score lower than 3.

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Capital Market and Entrepreneurship Center

The first in the country to initiate in the academe a strong investment and entrepreneurial consciousness and educate Filipinos to invest in the Philippine Capital Market.

Investment Subjects in All College Courses

Subjects in Personal Finance Management, Essentials of Investment, Capital and Securities Market, Venture Capital, and Financial Investment Management are required and integrated in all college courses.

Strong Industry-Academe Linkage

a. Memorandum of Agreement with PLDT, Philippine Stock 
    Exchange (PSE), Honda Cars, Inc., Ford Company and 
    Technology Resource Center (TRC).
b. Board of Advisers - Appointment of recognized and 
    respected personalities in their fields of specialization 
    to act as advisers in the development and review of 
    curricular offerings and to establish a strong industry-
    academe linkage.

Partnership with Microsoft IT Academy

Official Microsoft curriculum is used to ensure that the graduates are equipped with the latest skills to be competitive in the global market.  Courses are delivered by Microsoft  Certified Trainers in preparation for the students' Microsoft Certification.

Online Learning

SISC offers online learning across all levels through the use of the Moodle Learning System.

Institutional Mandated Courses

Institutional courses are designed to inculcate in the graduates of Southville International School and Colleges the culture of academic and values excellence.  The subjects are Intra and Interpersonal Relations, Values Development, Achievers Core Training, Cross Cultural and Urbanity Education, and Leadership.

Comprehensive Growth Series (CGS)

The program is designed to develop the students' social, cultural, and spiritual dimensions.  It is held in SISC's "The Farm" in Cavite.

Mentoring Program

A program crafted to guide, nurture, inspire and mentor college students.  Each instructor is assigned to mentor 5-10 students whom they follow up two to three times during the semester.  Instructors act as tutors, advisers, listeners, facilitators, and friends to guide students in their personal, emotional, social and psychological development.  

Special Filipino and English Classes for Foreigner

Institutionalized Practice of 5Cs

The 5Cs are important components in the school’s values education program. They are Competence, Character, Commitment to Achieve, Collaboration and Creativity. They are integrated in all courses, school programs, projects, and activities. The application and practice of the 5Cs is a way of life for everyone in the SISC community.