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Inez Chiara C. Cortes

Upper School,

Class 2003-2004

"We were encouraged in and out of class, to think for and express ourselves that made studying seemed like a challenge to surmount, instead of a chore to dread..." read more>>

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The President's Blog on the Values of the Week

1. Honing's One's Basic Skills in Interpersonal Relationship.

2. Growing in Empathy towards the Socially Disadvantaged.

3. Developing Sensitivity to the Needs of Others.

4. Identifying, Developing, Affirming One's Interest and Abilities.

5. Setting a Personal Vision.

6. Modelling from the Drive of the Achievers.

7. Developing the Passion to Achieve.

8. Growing in Personal and Social Responsibility.

9. Discpline in the use of time, money and resources.

10. Growing in Inner Directedness

11. Being True to Oneself/One's Values

12. Awareness of One's Strengths and Weaknesses