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Arielle Nicole Papa

International Baccalaureate,

Class 2011-2012

"In the face of immense pressure and uncertainty that came with undertaking a Bachelors degree abroad, the structure of Southville-International Baccalaureate classes helped me learn how to best manage my time; and the 5Cs of Southville shaped my attitude towards personal and professional pursuits. Character and Commitment to Achieve kept me grounded and focused." read more>>

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TREX Residence Hall provides convenient and safe dormitory rooms to students. Its dormitory rooms are furnished with 2 to 3 beds each with study table, built in closets, and toilet and bath. Each room is furnished with air conditioning units.

Being managed by professionals who have extensive managerial experience, the residence hall commits to deliver quality service to its residence.

The dormitory is exclusive to the SISC and SGEN schools’ students. The accommodation is offered to students during enrolment period at the respective Public Relations Office of SISC and SISFU.


TREX Residence Hall

A Safe and Convenient Dormitory where students live and learn

To accommodate students situated from considerable distances away from the school, TREX Global Residences will provide facilities within the immediate area of the campus to let them enjoy the same convenience of access as other students in the vicinity.
TREX Residence Hall offers the convenience of staying in the vicinity of the SISC campus to have more time for studies, sports, recreation, and family.



  • 1000 square meters of space with gardens and courtyards for outdoor functions
  • A bed space in a room for 3 or 4 with 1 set beddings, your own cabinet and a study area
  • Rooms ready with air-conditioning units
  • Toilet and bath per room
  • Convenient access to food service providers such as Mc Donald’s, Pan de      Manila, Monterey and other nearby food stores
  • Common room for group study and receiving guests
  • Free Internet connection
  • CCTV  Cameras
  • Managed by a dorm manager
  • With housekeepers to perform daily housekeeping cleaning services
  • Sufficient water supply from Maynilad and a back up overhead tank
  • With Fire exits and safety measures
  • Walking distance from the school campus
  • Security Guard duty at night

The TREX Residence Hall has 33 available beds and 7 townhouses converted to dorms.


Address: 585 J. Aguilar Avenue Pamplona 3, Las Piñas City,  Philipines
Telephone Number:  (632) 836-2151