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Antonio Rafael de Luzuriaga

Education Graduate

"Teaching involves a lot of responsibilities and Southville has taught me to manage and prioritize them accordingly. Aside from the academics, SISC has also..." read more>>

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Honing One’s Basic Skills in Interpersonal Relationship

There are so many self-help books on management but not so many talk about values viewed from the lens of the "Book of Wisdom" and integrated into the day-to- day affairs of the organization. I am writing this blog to try to share my thoughts, learning, reading and experiences to workers everywhere to reflect on how the organization’s values could make the people become more effective, efficient and productive. How? By improving working relations between co-workers. Studies have shown that problems in the workplace are just borne out of evil in man’s heart. What are the usual evils in the workplace? These are: dishonesty, laziness, corruption, anger, hate and the like. What if the workplace is rid of these? Will the workplace be a happy and productive place to work in? Absolutely, yes! [read more...]

Opportunities for Multimedia Arts Graduates

Today's technologically advanced society has become a catalyst of the increasing opportunity for those studying the multimedia arts course. Career chances under this specialization are wide-range and can include positions in various fields such as publishing, design, advertising, and many more. [read more...]

Student Tips: Back to School Reminders

The end of summer vacation is just around the corner. It is once again the time to start preparing everything that will be needed in going back to school. Aside from completing school supplies, uniforms, and enrollment procedures, here are few reminders that may help students for the upcoming school days. [read more...]

Understanding Multiple Intelligences of the Students

Through the years, the definition on what intelligence is has been on a broader scope. Human competencies are now based on more diverse combination of traditional and non-traditional intelligence including interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, spatial, and kinesthetic that were long overlooked. Educational institutions especially international schools in the Philippines should find ways on how to apply these multiple intelligences in the classroom. [read more...]

What Makes International Schools Highly In Demand?

Many institutions offer quality educational program for every academic need of students but there is an observable increase of awareness towards the benefits of international schools. There are advantages perceived to be connected with enrolling in an international school and we listed some below. [read more...]


It has been a semester and for all your hard work, you deserve a vacation. You may be dreaming and planning about summer months ago and is now very excited to do the stuff you wanted do. Yes, summer vacation is just around the corner. It is the time of the year wherein you let loose from all your academic attachments and other school related activities. [read more...]