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Rex Wallen L. Tan

Upper School,

Class 2001

"I’ve had experience living in Spain, England and Australia just on my own – without my parents, starting when I was 14 years old. I was surprisingly well prepared. I had no difficulties adjusting to the cultural differences and I was absolutely ready to handle the independent life..." read more>>

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Victor Volunteer

Karyl May Gebeck from Chicago, Illinois, was a high school senior in 2001 when the twin towers in New York City fell down. She, along with millions around the world, watched in shock and sorrow the deaths of thousands of people and their loved ones. She remembered how she wanted to be in the midst of everything then, and help anyone she could. “That was the time that I knew, I wanted to be a health care provider”, Karyl shares.


In 2009, Karyl was working in a cancer research lab, but her sense of fulfillment is missing. With the able guidance of her mom, she decided to pursue a career in nursing in Southville International School and Colleges (SISC). SISC is the consistent top ranking nursing school South of Manila in the Philippine Nurses’ Licensure Exam (PNLE).


As a student nurse, Karyl spent most of her time joining medical missions. She also travelled with schoolmates and Lifeline Foundation volunteers to Abra, Occidental Mindoro, Pampanga, Nueva Vizcaya, and other Philippine provinces. She was even featured as a Lifeline Volunteer for the month of February 2012. Karyl immensely enjoys her student life at SISC. She remarks, “Not only am I learning the skills and practice I’m passionate about, but I also get the opportunity to travel to places and meet people who have the same passion as mine.”


Karyl is always thankful to her family, church congregation, and mentors at SISC who have supported her on school, career and personal matters. She especially acknowledges her instructor, Ms. Sue Agustin Sim, who according to her has rejuvenated her love for nursing and life itself.


Currently, she is closer to recognizing her path as a nurse and finding her potential through her service to others. With her selfless love and care for the needy and less fortunate, Kayl is undoubtedly an epitome of a Southville student truly making a difference in her chosen field.