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Reaching for the Top

Get to know Southville’s Nursing Board Exam top-notcher John Anthony Ngo in this special Q&A!

Question: What motivated you to take up Nursing in college?
John: The stability of the healthcare profession in the US. I’ve witnessed firsthand how nurses in the US had an easier time finding jobs compared to other professions.

Q: How did Southville train you for the life you have now as a registered nurse?
J: Southville has given me the knowledge and the values to become an effective and competent registered nurse.

Q: Which of the 5C’s describe you the most?
J: Competence.

Q: What makes a Southville graduate extraordinary?
J: I think it’s the right combination of knowledge and confidence. Southville graduates are a people person compared to other graduates.
Q: How did you prepare for the Nursing Board Exam?
J: By answering questions, reading books and attending review sessions in the Review Center every day for three months. Our nursing faculty did a marvelous job preparing us for the board exam, giving us board exam-like questions in most of our exams.

Q: Can you share some tips in acing the Nursing Board Exam?
J: Never be contented. Aim for the best and stay humble. Always remember that learning is a continuous process.

Q: Now that you’ve passed the board exam, what is next for John Anthony Ngo?
J: Passing the NCLEX and then start my nursing career.

Congratulations, John! Your Southville family is proud of you!