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Southville Homegrown Aces Physician Licensure Exam

Southville homegrown John Albert Tecson of BS Psychology Class 2011 recently passed the 2016 Physician Licensure Exam. He thanks Southville for instilling in him the value of Commitment to Achieve as it guided him to stick with his goal and soldier on.

“Sixteen years in Southville taught me the value of grit, perseverance and passion for my dreams. I had one goal in mind, to be a good doctor like my father. It would have been easier to quit, but with commitment to achieve, I stuck with it and soldiered on,” Dr. Albert said.

Dr. Albert believes in good study habits. He emphasized that mastery of the minor subjects is extremely helpful in the board exams.

“The board exam is as much a test of knowledge as it is a test of character. It will test the limits of your physical and mental patience. Find a review schedule that works for you and stick to it. But basically it starts as early as college as you develop your study habits. You continue developing your study habits as you go through college and medical school. A solid foundation in the basic subjects is a huge help in the boards, so do not take basic subjects for granted.”

Dr. John Albert Tecson is the first licensed medical doctor to rise from the BS Psychology alumni. Today, there are six other BS Psychology graduates pursuing Medicine, and we are sure they will do just as amazing as Dr. Albert did!