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Ivan N. Paner

Upper School,

Class 2005-2006

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Southville Alumna Tops the Licensure Exam for Teachers

In the past years, Southville International School and Colleges – Bachelor in Elementary Education with specialization in Special Education has consistently produced 100 percent passing rate and topnotchers in Licensure Exam for Teachers. We had Katrina Correa who snagged the 10th spot in the September 2015 LET, Inez Chiara Cortes who took up our Teaching Certificate Program and landed in the 9th spot in the March 2015 LET, and Renally Pariñas who finished in 9th spot in the September 2013 LET.

Amazing they all may be, the BEED-SPED Class 2016 topped them all when they all passed the 2016 LET garnering a 100 percent passing rate for Southville and one of them aced the exam and finished in second place!

Cacharelle Mae Rapirap, or “Teacher Cat” as her students lovingly calls her, made everyone proud by getting a rating of 88.0 percent to place her in the 2nd spot in the 2016 Licensure Exam for Teachers.

“I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was little. I always play teacher in our ‘teacher-teacheran’ games. Seeing the smiles of my playmates every time I commended them for a job well done filled my heart with so much joy that I knew right then that I wanted to be a teacher.”

In her Facebook post, Teacher Cat thanked her alma matter, Southville International School and Colleges, her Dean Gina Caneo and all her teachers for instilling in her a good foundation of knowledge, skills and character.

Teacher Cat also added in a special correspondence how her Southville education trained her to be a good teacher.

“Southville trained me to see and appreciate the talents and potentials of all children regardless their disabilities. I am grateful to Southville for training me various effective teaching strategies and classroom management, now I see my students every morning with a fond greeting of “Good morning, Teacher Cat.””

Teacher Cat expressed how she lived by the Southville culture of Character, Competence, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve (5Cs) and how she relates the most with Competence. She believes that competence allows her to continue self-improvements despite failure.

“I am not afraid to fail. What is success without failure along the way? I believe that good things always come to those who work hard and pray for it.”