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Southville Topnotcher's Guide to Board Exams

Southville International School and Colleges is home to a growing number of topnotchers in the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET). We had Renally Pariñas who finished in 9th spot in the September 2013 LET, Inez Chiara Cortes who took up our Teaching Certificate Program and landed in the 9th spot in the March 2015 LET, Katrina Correa who snagged the 10th spot in the September 2015 LET, and most recently Cacharelle Mae Rapirap who aced the 2016 LET at spot number 2.

Cacharelle Mae Rapirap, or “Teacher Cat” as her students lovingly calls her, made everyone proud by scoring 88.0 percent and placing in the Top 2 for of the 2016 LET. Here are her tips for a successful LET Review:

1. Set A Goal. When I started my review, I set my goal at top 5. I want to be a topnotcher. Coming from a not so well-off family, I know how every peso counts. I want to do right by my family and show them that they made a good investment in me. I want to make my family proud.

2. Take Your Time. The usual review span for LET test takers is 3 months. I did not review for 3 months, I reviewed for a year. I knew that I set up a big goal so I gave myself a good and long time to surely accomplish my goal.

3. Focus on Key Points But Don’t Forget the Weak Points. Halfway through my review, I dedicated my focus on my weakest link: Mathematics. To reach my goal, I must leave no stone left unturned.

4. Do Not Relent. It would be wrong if I say I did not experience days wherein I just stare at the wall and doubt myself. But then I look at the big rosary on my wall, and I know I am not alone in this journey.

5. Enjoy the Moment. There will really be days that it will be very difficult to focus. It is easier to learn with a peaceful and happy mindset. Whenever I accomplish smaller goals in my review, I reward myself accordingly like an ice cream cone, a day in the park, a movie night, etc.