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Southville Alumnus is a Modern-day Missionary

Though in itself not a sectarian school, the Southville International and Colleges’ myriad spiritual programs, particularly the monthly “Got Life?” activity, inspired the then sophomore high school student Juan Alfredo “Red” Calayan to embark on a missionary mission to Mongolia the summer of 2009.

Eight years later, Red Calayan, joined the Every Nation Campus, a Christian organization devoted to changing the world, one student at a time.

“I used to be an employee in GMA 7 and volunteer from time to time. But I am most happy with the ministry so I decided to give up my job and work for the Lord full time,” said Red Calayan.

Today, Red is an EN Campus missionary at Ateneo De Manila University. He has organized various campus ministry activities such as one-on-one mentoring, leadership training, outdoor activities, and Thursday dinners.

Red shared that there is nothing more fulfilling than winning a student’s heart to Christ. However the road not taken is always not easy. There are challenges along the way, such as when he was a sophomore he had to raise $2000 for his missionary trip in Mongolia. Now, he continues to share his vision with different people in an effort to develop a team of partners who share the same heart for the next generation.

Despite various challenges, Red showed his passion and commitment to his mission—a true showcase of his Southville training and a validation of the school’s commitment to molding students who will become active movers of society, able to enact proper changes in the world.