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Angel With A Stethoscope

Most graduates think that a degree is a ticket to a good life, but for Erika Anne Canonizado, it is an invitation to change the world.

Valedictorian of Southville International School and Colleges High School Class 2013, Erika graduated Cum Laude from the University of the Philippines Manila last June 21, 2017. Armed with the degree in Nursing, Erika is now ready to change the world, one patient at a time.

“Southville’s Poor Urban Child (POUCH) was a program that made an impact in my life. As a future nurse, caring is part of the values that we must uphold in our lives. Through POUCH, I was able to learn early the importance of caring for other individuals through serving and sharing with the beneficiaries of POUCH what they are not privileged to have,” said Erika in a special correspondence.

“When asked about my fondest high school memory, I look back to the Creativity, Action, and Service (CAS) painting of POUCH classrooms I did with my batchmates back when we were sophomores. It brought our class together and taught us collaboration as the painting task needed us to work together as one team. We all had a great time painting and at the same time, we made the POUCH students happy with their newly painted classrooms,” she added.

Save a Poor Urban Child (POUCH) is one of Southville's program in its undying advocacy of "No Child Left Behind" - believing that the place for the children is the school, not the streets. The beneficiaries of the POUCH program receives a daily meal from the Feeding Program, school supplies, medical and dental health care and most of all, the payment of their school fees for the whole academic year. At present, there are five adopted schools of Southville, including the Barangay Day Care Center of CAA Phase IV and the Grade School of the Barangay CAA.

As an Iskolar ng Bayan, Erika encourages her fellow Monarchs pay attention to every lecture, take note of every important concept, set goals and rewards to motivate yourself, avoid distractions when studying and most importantly, pray.

“Go to every lecture and pay attention. A lot of teachers will point out what is important in your test, your career, your patient, your life. Do not forget to take notes, and go over it after class to understand all the important concepts. Observe yourself in studying, as well. One of the most important things is knowing what study habits work for you because each one of us is unique and therefore, we all learn differently.”

Erika is a true testament of Southville’s unending commitment in preparing its students not only to be academic achievers but also to be movers of society, enable to be the light in someone’s darkness.