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5 Tips For A Stress-Free Enrollment

Enrollment can sometimes be a little daunting. New students and/or transferees might be intimated by the sea of new faces and mountain of documents to submit. Even re-enrolling students can expect some bumps along the road, like unreturned books. Then, trying to get into the same class schedule as with your friends (or crush). Then, we have the long queues. *sigh

Yes, enrollment can sometimes be a little daunting. So as we open another enrollment season for college second semester, we asked Southville International School and Colleges Registar, Miss Judy Arguelles, for five tips to have a stress-free enrollment.

1. Complete Requirements.
For transferees, make sure that all your documents are complete. We need to see the following documents:
a. Transcript of Records
b. Course Description
c. Transfer Credentials/Certificate of Good Morale
d. Birth Certificate
e. Medical and Drug Test

For re-enrolling students, refer to your Aims account to make sure you have no accountabilities in the following offices:
a. Accounting Office (payment due from the previous semester)
b. Library (unreturned books)
c. Guidance Office (TOEIC)
d. Clinic (APE and Drug test)

For international students, you have to submit the following requirements:
a. Photocopy of valid and updated passport
b. Photocopy of Student Visa
c. Photocopy of Alien’s Certificate of Registration (ACR) I-Card

Moreover, international students who have no Student Visa should apply and need to pay Php 15,500 upon enrollment for visa processing. The students need to submit also the original passport and I-Card.

2. Come Early.
A clear no-brainer. If you dont want to be stucked in the long lines, come early. Don't wait for the last day of enrollment. The Registration Office is open by 8:00 am up to 5:00 pm. Also, please be aware of the enrollment schedule:

November 20 - December 2, 2017: 2nd Semester Enrollment
December 4 -16, 2017: Late enrollment with penalty
December 4, 2017: Start of classes for the 2nd Semester

3. Dress Properly.
We have the Dress Code for a reason, so please follow it.

4. Ensure Good Grades.
Good grades means not only passing the minimum grade requirement, but also having the grades that will give you the confidence to show your transcript to anyone who asks. Did you know what good grades mean to employers? It means committment, competence and commitment to achieve - all good qualities employers are looking for.

Bad grades are no fun. They give headaches to you and your parents. We recommend that you avoid it at all cost.

5. Think Positive.
Remember, folks, for every problem is a solution. So keep your chin up and look at the bright side, it’s easier to find the answer with a clear head.