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Southville PASS research activities go full blast

The P.A.S.S. or Portfolio Assessment for Students of Southville International School and Colleges. Research Program teaches the graduating students the value of scientific inquiry and advancement of knowledge. It provides them opportunities to demonstrate the various competencies they acquired in the different subject areas like English (writing and organization), Science (investigatory projects/experimental research), Mathematics (statistics/graphs), and History (historical analysis and perspective).
Graduating students in High School and Grade School are now very busy with their PASS research.

Below are some of the experimental research topics of Grade 6 graduating students:

• Sean Gutierrez - “Citronella and Citriodol in Fabric Conditioner”
• Levance Jr. Myers -“Chili and Kamias as Insect Repellants”
• Marielle Louise Nery - “Kamias and Pineapple as Cleaning Agents”
• Gwyneth Tangog - “Saltwater as Alternative Source of Energy and Its Implications on Community Awareness”
• Vince Marquis Amposta - “Dried Mango Leaves as Organic Mulch for Tomato Plants”
• Princess Tertia Dellosa - “Use of Turtles as a Source of Nutrients in an Aquaponic System”