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Atty. Jeanne Carla Ferrer

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"There was a perfect balance between academic and non-academic activities in Southville. While we were taught to excel in our schoolwork, we were also molded to become well-rounded individuals through numerous school events and activities that are full of life lessons." read more>>

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Psychology Society joins SISC’s 25th Year Anniversary

The Psychology Society and its members were active and enthusiastic participants in Southville International School and Colleges 25th Anniversary celebration. First, the organization successfully operated its carnival-themed booth that attracted several visitors, and helped it raise more funds for its future plans this Academic Year. Second, the Psychology students formed their cheering squad as they participated in the college’s first ever Cheer Dance Competition. After a series of late night practices for almost a month, the Psychology Department’s cheering squad placed 2nd against other participating courses. Their performance, stunts, and dance routines definitely gave the audience a breathtaking moment. There were also contestants from Psychology who showcased their amazing talents in the Monarch’s Idol and Street Dance competitions.

The department also had representatives who participated in the school’s annual Beauty Pageant—Mr. and Ms. SISC 2015. Christian Soverano and Alexandra Nicasio from 4th year, and Gracel Arriba from 3rd year raised the Psychology flag during the event. They all looked stunning, from runway until the end of the pageant. The college also formed a basketball and volleyball team with the current standing of the basketball team at 2-2, and the volleyball girls’ team is at 4-0 as well. Actively joining the school’s foundation week activities proved how Psychology majors go beyond their limits.