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Southville Business Faculty: Development Catalysts

Members of the Faculty of Southville International School and Colleges-BS Business Administration joined fellow business teachers and professors in the nationwide advocacy of nation building through entrepreneurship during the Training for Entrepreneurship Educators (TREE) seminar conducted by the Small Enterprises Research and Development Foundation (SERDEF) last July 2016, at the UP Institute for Small-Scale Industries Building, Diliman Campus.

As highlighted by SERDEF President Paterno V. Viloria at the closing ceremonies, entrepreneurship teachers have a crucial role to play as catalysts and stimulants of the enterprising spirit which in turn fuels economic activity and growth.

Professors Aris Lacuna and Jones Guevarra of Southville’s College of Business together with other twenty-seven teachers and trainers from Metro Manila, Tuguegarao, Marinduque and Quezon provinces attended the program.

The two-day program featured resource speakers such as Victoria B. Villa of Natasha, a direct selling enterprise; Angelita B. Resurreccion of Passion for Perfection, a management consulting firm; and Chito L. Madrono of 12 PM Enterprises, maker of educational toys under the Eureka brand.

Southville’s participation in the seminar supports the college’s vision of becoming a Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the South of NCR, exposing our faculty to the latest trends and new business ideas which they can in turn share with the students and the school’s adopted community, Baranggay CAA.

“There a lot of schools that offer business and entrepreneurship as a college course but what we aim is more than just offering the courses. We see ourselves being able to build a community through our business and entrepreneurship students and eventually being the Center for Sustainable Entrepreneurship in the South. It will be a joy to see people around you living a life they dreamed of because they will be able to start their own small-scale businesses like our adopted community,” said Dr. Victor Manabat, Southville’s Dean of Business, Entrepreneurship, and Tourism.

He added, “I am happy that my faculty members are one with me in this endeavor.”