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Southville Mathletes Show Their Mettle in International Tilt

Students from Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) were named recipients of top certificates in the 2016 International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) - Mathematics Assessment conducted by Educational Assessment Australia. The competition is participated in by more than twenty countries from Asia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Gwyneth Tangog of Gr. 7 - Resilience was awarded the High Distinction Certificate given to the top 1 percent of the takers in her level.

Raven Breanna Maat Gr. 5 - Righteousness and Ki Min Seok of Gr. 5 - Trustworthiness, Antwone Ong of Gr. 7 - Resilience, Yoon Chang Min of Gr. 8 - Integrity, Miguel Dominico Alzona and Inigo Miguel Hernandez of Gr. 9 - Compassion received the Distinction Certificate for belonging in the next 10 percent of the takers in their level.

Hyung Jin Yoon and Deeyon Rouche Tolentino of Gr. 4 - Humility, Jin Won Cha of Gr. 6 - Collaboration, Reuben Byron Maat and Jun Ho Choi of Gr. 8 - Integrity, Stefano Crispino De Castro of Gr. 9 - Compassion, and Matthew Ezekiel Sybingco of Gr. 10 - Commitment were given the Credit Certificate for belonging in the next 20 percent of the takers in their level.

Seo Young Lee of Gr. 6 - Perseverance, Seeun Kim of Gr. 7 - Determination and Na Kyung Yoon of Gr. 6 - Collaboration got the Merit Certificate for being in the next 10 percent of the entrants in their level.

The ICAS - Mathematics Assessment tests the participants’ skills and knowldege in algebra and patterns, data and statistics, measures and units, number and arithmetic, and space and geometry. The SISC awardees won for their performance relative to other students worldwide of the same year level.