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Southville's Ink Society Revives LEGO Assembly

The INK Society ended 2016 with the LEGO Assembly in the Monarch's football field. The LEGO Assembly, aside from being an INK tradition started by batch Res Novae (2014) which was inspired from the SOAKED assembly of Batch Legacy (2012) served as a team building activity where INKers from all three departments participated in team building activities that strengthens their teamwork and improve their leadership skills. Alumni from previous batches also attended the event. The main event consist of water games such as water balloon toss and extreme sack race. The winners of these games were rewarded with supplies of water balloons and water guns. These splash-tastic weapons were used in the most awaited final part of the event; the water battle. The teams clashed and used every last one of their weapons in an intense water fight. By the end of the battle, everyone was soaked, but satisfied and refreshed. INK Society thanks everyone who attended the assembly and wishes them luck for this second semester and for the new year ahead.

Written by Lance David Nator

LEGO Assembly

LEGO Assembly

LEGO Assembly