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Erika Canonizado

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"Southville’s Poor Urban Child (POUCH) was a program that made an impact in my life. As a future nurse, caring is part of the values that we must uphold in our lives. Through POUCH, I was able to learn early the importance of caring for other individuals through serving and sharing with the beneficiaries of POUCH what they are not privileged to have." read more>>

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Aspiring for Excellence and Relevance

Attending the 9th National Conference in Health Professions Education last January 31, 2017 at the GT-Toyota Asian Center that had the theme Health Professions Education as an Agent for Transformation brought about a reflection on the need to revisit our College of Nursing’s battle cry “Excellence…defined”. In the context of education of healthcare professional like nurses the development should not only be towards excellence but the aspirations to be relevant as well. Excellence with relevance points toward a more enduring achievement that impacts the greater community.

Faculty development and training is a key area in ensuring the quality of the core product of any educational institution. With insights gained we are hopeful that in the spirit of a learning community we can be agents of change toward implementing a transformative learning framework in SISC College Department as we work toward Outcome-Based Education. - CAV