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Southville Homegrown Aces Physician Licensure Exam

Ever since he was a kid, he love to help people in need. He wanted to give someone a second chance at life. He took up BS Nursing in college and became a full-fledged registered nurse. Seeing his patients smile and recover from their illness gave him the best feeling in his life. But with a goal in life to help and give utmost care, he felt that he should be a doctor. And after the conclusion of 2017 Physician Licensure Exam, Jino of Southville International School and Colleges Class 2005 is now Dr. Marvin Jino S. Bugna, RN, MD

“I love to interact and help the people who are in need. It has been my dream since childhood so I can give someone else a second chance at life. Taking up Doctor of Medicine for me is a calling. If you are bound to become a good doctor, no matter what happens, you will become one. All you have to do is study hard and believe in yourself,” said Dr. Jino.

Dr. Jino graduated high school in 2005 from Southville. He thanks Southville for instilling in him the value of Commitment to Achieve as it helped him to challenge himself and never gave up on achieving his dreams on becoming a doctor.

“Southville trained me to become a responsible and disciplined person. It helped me become a good leader in many ways. It taught me the importance of helping others and studying hard in order to get good grades. Applying the 5C’s (Competence, Character, Collaboration, Creativity and Commitment to Achieve) and 5S’s (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain) that Southville taught me was a great help that made a big impact and difference in my life in becoming a doctor.”

Dr. Jino believes in good study habits. He emphasized the need to refrain from social media to minimize unnecessary distraction. “I enrolled myself in a review center and also did a self-review when there is no scheduled review for the day. Most of them were self-reviews because I prefer to study alone than in groups. I also made flash cards and visual aids that would help me understand the lectures. I refrained myself from using electronic gadgets and social media because of too many distractions. Because for me, the most helpful way of studying is by the book itself.”

Dr. Jino is one of the many of the Southville graduates who is pursuing their lifelong dream. Despite already having a medical professional status, Dr. Jino showed his passion and unending commitment to the sick and in need—a true showcase of his Southville training and a validation of the school’s commitment to molding students who will become active movers of society, able to enact proper changes in the world.