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MARCH 7 – The opening of the 4th Year AB Multimedia Arts Students’ “No Filter” exhibit was held at the Nova Gallery Manila, Makati City. At 4:30 PM, Janica Mayuga and Joie Crucena executed the opening remarks while the ribbon cutting was honoured by the Dean of AB Multimedia Arts & Communication, Dr. Felma Carlos-Tria.

Various attendees ranging from Southville Students and professors to those from different schools, parents, alumni and curious individuals stopped by the event to examine each artwork showcased by the students in the exhibition.

No Filter is hosted by the Exhibit Class of Sir Mike Manansala Batch 2017 and it tackles on the topic of Millennials and how they are typically perceived by the other generations which further roots to different subcategories of misinterpretations. Each piece serves as an expression or an outlet by the artist in the perspective of a millennial from the typical aspect of how the older generation assumes them to be. Using different mediums; from clay to paper mache, digital, traditional, and through mixed media, each artist was able to portray their own outlook about the conflict of misunderstanding millennials.

The exhibit is open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM and will close on March 10.