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A Worthwhile Experience – SISC BSN Students on a Nutrition Industry Visit

The BSN II nutrition class of Ms. Fides Adiviso had a first-hand, on site experience at Asian Hospital & Medical Center’s (AHMC) Nutrition Department last March 11, 2017. The activity started with a brief in depth lecture session where Ms. Czarina Andres, RND, Administrative Dietician, emphasized the important role of nurses in initiating the Nutrition Care Process starting with Nutrition screening, a JCIA standard, where all patients admitted are to be screened for nutritional risk.

The BSN students were taught quick assessment techniques and were challenged to solve short case studies attempting to determine patients who are at risk. They were also taught how to input findings into the computer system which was then processed and translated in the preparation area of the hospital’s kitchen. They were oriented to the actual forms used by the nurses and dietitians that was part of a patient’s chart. They were also guided as to the important elements of patient’s discharge instructions.

The lecture was followed by a grand tour of the hospital’s kitchen assisted by Ms. Love Matibag, RDN a Clinical Dietician. Wearing their protective gear, the students saw the delivery area, followed by the industrial freezer, stock room for dry goods, then ended at different areas for food preparation. The students enjoyed the food-tasting part of the tour. They were presented different trays of hospital food and were made to identify the prescribed diets. “Hospital food tastes like a home-cooked meal…even a full liquid diet really tasted like regular food,” some of the comments from the students.

In general, this new initiative for a nutrition class proved to be a worthwhile, learning experience for the students who were genuinely engaged during the question and answer session. SISC College of Nursing is grateful for the partnership with Asian Hospital & Medical Center in supporting its commitment to deliver world-class nursing education. - FA