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Southville Holds a First Aid for Children Seminar

Taylor Center for Professional Development (TCPD) and Southville Parent Education Center (SPEC) has partnered with Early Intervention Management, ​a group of ​Emergency Medicine specialist physicians who have regular duties at a busy Metro Manila ER that treats over 350 patients each day.

They are internationally-accredited instructors for the American Heart Association (AHA), the organization that has taken the lead in resuscitation training in the U.S. and much of the rest of the world.

Safety is something that can not be compromised especially if we are dealing with human being. More so, if we are handling children. So, whether you are a teacher, a caregiver, a parent or a ​school owner, safety will always be on top of our mind and our foremost priority.

​We are offering this new program on Child-Care and First Aid for Children, this course will cover common emergencies and injuries at home or school involving infants and small children. The session will also include demonstration and skills-training in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) for the said age group. Our instructors will be sharing with the class the key points and skills of the AHA guidelines, and experiences from the many real-life patients they treat at the ER in the course of their everyday work.

Topics covered in the usual course include:

· Cuts, Bruises, and Broken Bones
· Head Injury
· Burns
· Animal Bites and Stings
· Allergies
· Choking
· Nose bleeding
· Febrile Seizures
· Dehydration
· Child and Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
· How to make a home first aid kit

It will be a great opportunity for parents and teachers and school administrators to have that peace of mind knowing that the people caring for their children are trained to handle such situations. We also strongly recommend that parents enroll nannies or yayas in the course since there is a chance that emergencies will happen when they are with your children.

The cost of the course is P2,500 per person. This will cover the training and ​some ​light snacks. All participants who complete the course will also get an AHA certification card which is recognized all over the world.

Kindly register and secure payment to reserve a slot. Minimum of 10 participants to run the program and maximum of 24. Please send an email at or call 825-6374 loc. 310 or text 0916-3234106.