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Southville Goes Digital Through Flipped Classroom

Southville International School and Colleges has been incorporating technology into student learning. Effective Academic Year 2017-2018, Southville will integrate into its Growth Mindset Curriculum and Methodology the use of the Flipped Classroom wherein students’ assignments and introductory overview of lessons are done through educational video and lecture materials. Students will learn at their own pace and will be able to rewind, replay and forward learning videos authored by some of the world’s best teachers. The Flipped Classroom utilizes technology to enable students to access instructional videos and e-textbooks BEFORE class hours. The purpose of this approach is to ensure that the classroom is focused for deeper levels of understanding, more in-depth class discussions, and interactive activities ensuring thereby that new concepts are learned more meaningfully.

E-Textbooks for English Classics, Filipino, Math and Science have been created using learning materials authored by global experts from several countries such as from the USA and UK.

In line with this, Grades 7-12 students in Southville will use e-tablets in the classroom considering the positive impact technology has in the education process. The initiative will allow students to take greater control of their education through interactive, hands-on learning under the direction of a teacher or administrator.