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Southville Students Acing the NUS Science Summer Camp

Gia Medina, Mehana Paidi, Rhoger Villanueva, Hyo Sang Kwak, Sae Byeok and Yeo Min Su of Southville International School and Colleges are participating in the Science Summer Camp 2017 at the National University of Singapore from June 19 to June 23, 2017. The science camp is intended to inculcate a life-long fascination for science to the participants as they engage NUS professors in lecture series, perform hands-on workshops at state-of-the-art laboratories, and visit highly specialized research labs.

NUS Science Camp 2017
Southville Delegates at the Molecular Gastronomy Workshop at NUS Science Summer Camp

The event attracted 120 students from the United Arab Emirates, Australia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Thailand, China, Myanmar, Malaysia and the Philippines who learned elements of Nanotechnology, DNA Analysis, Food Science Technology, Animal Classification, and many more interesting scientific disciplines.