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Southville Karatedo Team Wins Gold in National Tourney

“More than bringing home the medals, the most meaningful experience for the team is being able to apply self-discipline and responsibility before, during and after the competition. That to me is something coaches would like to inculcate to the students,” said Black belt Sensei Leo de Mesa, Southville’s resident Karatedo Master and the adviser of the club.

Just last June, the Karatedo team composed of Jerry Hernandez, Josette Aurelio, Gianna O. de Mesa and Danielle Marquez won in various categories of the 2017 Summer Karate Kobudo Tournament organized by the Philippine Union of Karate Kobudo Organizations (PUKKO).

With more than 300 participants, the team rose up and brought home Gold and Silver Medals. Grade 8 student, Jerry Hernandez won two golds for BO (staff) Junior category and High School Karate Kata Boys category while Josette Aurelio, Grade 10 student, won two silvers for BO (staff) Junior category and High School Intermediate Karate Kata Girls category. Gianna de Mesa, Grade 2, won Silver for Grade School Intermediate Karate Kata Girls category and Danielle Marquez of International Baccaluareate class won Silver for Advanced Kata Girls category.

“I am happy that our students are not only academically competent but they also excel in various disciplines. This is the Monarchs Brand that we have.” shared Ms. Avic Suarez, Southville Principal.

Sensei Leo holds Karate Classes open to Non Southville Students through the school’s worthwhile weekend program. For details, contact Karen/ Elyds at 825-2358 loc. 328 or email