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Help Others Through the Southville for Others (SFO)

On its fifth year, Southville for Others (SFO) is once again undertaking initiatives to make the neighboring Barangay CAA a better place to live in, enhance the spirit of cooperation and mutual support, live out the spirit of good citizenship, support local government initiatives, and promote the sharing of talents and resources of the Southville International School and Colleges community.

On October 28, 2017, Saturday, officers and employees of SISC, in coordination with Barangay CAA leaders, intend to:
• deliver reading activities through PoUCH on Wheels;
• conduct leadership and personality development for graduating CAA HS students;
• improve the landscaping of the corner garden;
• beautify and repaint the façade wall and arc of Barangay CAA; and
• plant bougainvillea along the CAA road.