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Atty. Jeanne Carla Ferrer

High School,

Class 2004-2005

"There was a perfect balance between academic and non-academic activities in Southville. While we were taught to excel in our schoolwork, we were also molded to become well-rounded individuals through numerous school events and activities that are full of life lessons." read more>>

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Psychology Society proudly organized the Filikula on the 29th of August inside the Mini Theater at 12:30 pm to approximately 5:30 pm. It is a film showing conducted by department to manifest its support for Buwan ng Wika. Fortunately, tickets were sold out a day before the event, and the venue was already packed a few minutes after the first film began rolling. Students coming in were asked to register first at the front desk before proceeding to enter.

Ms. Julian Pupos, psych soc’s vice president external, started off by making the spectators understand the rules inside the theatre, specifically about keeping it rubbish-free, and her speech was followed by the SISC invocation that was led by vice president internal, Mr. Dylan Vallestero. All lights were off at the exact time allotted to make sure there wouldn’t be any problem with the schedule.

The first movie, “Baka Bukas”, engaged the audience with the characters’ personalities the same way they are hooked with its eye-opening story. Loud roars of laughter echoed inside the room during the showing of the second movie “My Ex and Why’s”. The third movie entitled “Ang Kwento Nating Dalawa”, however, caught the students’ attention because of its realistic representation of everyday life with a little twist of drama.

It has truly been a successful, memorable day for the department. The efforts exerted were all paid off and everybody agreed that Filikula was one event worth a remake.

- Gwyneth Tint