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Every year, the second year Communications students put together a play for their Theatre Arts Class. They hold open auditions for the entire school, allowing students and sometimes faculty members to be a part of the play, giving them an opportunity to showcase their talents. For the 2015 batch, the Theatre Arts students made their own take on the famous musical, Fame. Following the lives of performing arts students’ journey through a prestige performing arts school and the challenges they face in and out of the campus.

Gia Gumisad plays Sasha, a child actor in the theatre follows her dreams of breaking out of her thatre roots and using her outstanding vocal talent to break into the pop world. Marcus, played by Bryan Correa, a singer/songwriter who is in conflict with his father about his future and career choices. Janica Reloxe plays Cara, a drama major whose love interest is Kenzo, played by Kevin Raqueno, a fellow drama major. Gwen, Cara’s friend, is played by Clarisse Reyes, who isn’t quite sure what her major is yet. EJ, a dance major played by Jens Baet struggles with high expectations from his professor. Javy, a bad boy turning a new leaf is determined to turn his life around, is played by Oliver Buiser.