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Southville Welcomes University College South Denmark Intern

“We are very happy that the school is a destination of both local and international interns. This proves that we have remained committed to our standards that even students coming from abroad choose us for their internship,” said Ms. Anna Maria Villaruz, Human Resources Manager of Southville.

Southville recently welcomed Ara Jane Rosalita, a Third Year BA in Education from University of College South Denmark to do her internship at the Grade School Division. Through her experience, she will come up with an action learning research, which is one of the requirements in their university.

“Southville is a melting pot of driven, committed and highly motivated teachers and administrative staff and provides a working environment for them to grow and strengthen their potentials,” Ms. Villaruz added.

Two years ago, Southville has been named as a leader in people management practice globally, being one of the three global finalists among more than 300 companies in the Best Newcomer (International) category in the third annual Investors in People Awards. New to the Investors in People family, finalists in this category show an incredible passion, dedication and unswerving commitment to investing in their workforce.

Southville was nominated for its particular achievements in seeing investing in people as not a choice, but a necessity. Motivated and empowered teachers will lead to motivated and empowered students. SISC is to be commended for the achievement of IIP Gold. Its testament to the organizations focus on achieving its mission and implementing its improvement strategy. Looking at the impact already attained, by the actions implemented, there is already a knock on effect of improving teacher and student satisfaction.