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Miguel Calayan

High School, Class 2008

Finalist, Tribeca Film Festival

“As far as Southville goes (or my whole childhood for that matter), I can't really pinpoint the moment when I decided to pursue film. Unlike some of my peers, I didn't grow up knowing I'd want to be behind the camera. All I knew was..." read more>>

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COL Financial Chairman Edward Kho Lee Visits Southville

Happening Now! Business Icon Chat with Mr. Edward Lee, Founder & Chairman of the Board of COL Financial.

Posted by Southville International School and Colleges on Thursday, February 1, 2018

As an institution that is strongly inclined towards the international curriculum, Southville International School and Colleges strives to equip its students with experiences that will enable them to grow and learn as future leaders and achievers. The Business Lecture - CEO Forum was established to provide an avenue for students to gain insights on critical concerns and issues of the corporate world through a dialogue with experts, business practitioners and managers.

For its 4th year, the CEO Forum invited Mr. Edward Lee, the Founder and Chairman of the Board of COL since 1999, COL Securities (HK) Limited since 2001, Citisecurities, Inc. since 1986, and Caylum Trading Institute since 2013. Under Mr. Lee's guidance, COL Financial Group, Inc. became the country’s largest online stock brokerage firm, accounting for over 75 percent of online value turnover, according to Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) records.

Watch as he shared his story, the challenges he surpassed and the values he adhered to on his journey of being the founder and owner of several successful businesses.