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IB Academic Induction Program Kicks Off

SISC is offering the International Baccalaureate (IB) Summer Academic Induction Program designed to prepare students about to enter the IB Diploma Programme.  Focusing on improving work habits and general academic performance, students work on a range of academic skills which are invaluable for success in IB.


The program topics will cover:
• Pre-IB Math
• Study Skills in the IB
• English Writing & Reading
• Literary Criticism


The classes aim to provide future IB students with the academic expectations in the curriculum areas of the IB while giving them the opportunity to consider the role and nature of knowledge and develop skills and habits that will be vital tools as an IB candidate.  Past experience has shown that students who participate in the IB Summer Academic Induction Program are more likely to achieve academic success and to accept the challenges of the academically rigorous IB curriculum.


The program will run until August 6, 2012.  For more details, please contact Ms. Marie Ann Mirando, SISC IB Coordinator, at tel. no. 820-8702 loc. 130.