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Kristen Gabutero

Multi Media Arts Graduate

"In my 4-year stay in Southville as a Media Arts student, I have acquired exceptional skills in graphic design and layout, web design and development, freehand drawing and... "read more>>

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Boston University Awards Southville Alumna

Making a difference in her chosen field is another Southville alumna, Dong Youn Kim, who finished high school from SISC in 2003.


Dong Youn graduated recently from Boston University with a degree in Theology and a Student Leadership Award. During her college studies, she was elected President of the Korean Theological Student Association and a Student Representative of the Danielsen Chair Committee. Aside from being a diligent student, she still finds time to do voluntary works in Korean Presbyterian Churches as a Sunday school teacher and piano player.


Currently, Dong Youn is pursuing graduate studies at Emory University, which is among the top 20 universities in the United States.