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Southville Students Develop Social Graces

“I remember back in Southville High School we had a class where we were taught fine dining etiquette and how to properly use utensils. As a student I thought that this was so unnecessary and just not worth my time. But when I was in London, we were brought to the British Academy of Film and Television Arts. We were there for lunch and I was dining with important people. I sat down and there were a whole set of dining utensils I never bothered learning how to use. Thankfully, whatever I heard from that class stuck and I think I did pretty well. It’s such a little thing but it just goes to show that there may be some things you learn in High School that you disregard because you think that they’re useless, but actually they are so important.”


- Juan Paulo Reyes, High School Class 2009
Writer & Director, First Steps to Recovery
Winner in the Faith Shorts 2011, Tony Blair Faith Foundation



Recognizing that civility and manners are as important today as they ever were, Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) has scheduled fine dining experiences for students from Preschool to High School.  In an authentic environment of china, silverware and fresh flowers, students learn dining skills and table etiquette while enjoying tutorial fine dining at Bistro Lima of Southville Foreign University.


The sometimes daunting rules of fine dining are made real and accessible to the students through gracious and practical approaches like good posture when sitting at the table, proper use of language, napkin etiquette, deciding which utensil to use, and showing respect to the servers.  Knowing the rules gives the students confidence in handling themselves in a fine-dining setting.


By hosting a fine dining meal in a restaurant and teaching young students proper table etiquette, SISC also hopes to teach good manners. Manners play an important part in making a favorable impression and once learned will never be forgotten and will be practiced all the time.