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Kristen Gabutero

Multi Media Arts Graduate

"In my 4-year stay in Southville as a Media Arts student, I have acquired exceptional skills in graphic design and layout, web design and development, freehand drawing and... "read more>>

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Southville Launches Media Center

Discover and experience art in technology as Southville International School and Colleges (SISC) launches its state-of-the-art Media Center this January 20 and 21.


The new SISC Media Center is equipped with the most up-to-date facilities and equipment in broadcasting, audio-visual production, video editing, recording, graphic design, and animation. It houses an electronic newsroom, animation and broadcast studio, drawing room, computer laboratories, audio booth for AM and FM radio applications, and a comfy lounge. As a central hub for Multimedia Arts and Mass Communication students, the Center supports instructional tools to ensure that SISC students are at the forefront of emerging digital technologies globally.


Let your imagination ignite and ideas flourish during the SISC Media Center Launching on January 20 (3:00 PM) and 21 (9:00 AM). Multimedia exhibits, special video screenings, actual drawing and animation demonstration, campus tour, and lots of freebies and surprises await participants. For more information, email or call (02) 829-1675, 825-6374 local 100 and look for Elyds or Rio.