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Southville Stude Perfects Int’l Math Quiz

Gen Mark Tanno of 6-Perseverance once again proved his math acumen by achieving a perfect score in the 2010 American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) 8 conducted last November 2010. He and five other Filipino math whizzes will receive First Place certificates and winner pins. The AMC 8 participants from the Philippines comprise of Grades 5, 6, HS 1 and HS 2 students.

The AMC 8 begun in 1985 with the aim to promote enthusiasm and positive attitude towards mathematics. It is a 25-item, 40-minute multiple choice examination in middle school mathematics designed to enhance the students’ problem solving skills. Calculators are not allowed for this test and the questionnaire covers a wide range of applications.

With the numerous awards and recognitions he garnered, Gen Mark humbly expresses his gratitude to his alma mater. He remarks:  “In the competitions I have joined, I have always been confident of the advantage Southville has given me. Yes, I do not only know. I am able to make sense of what I know because I understand.”