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scholasSCHOLASTIC,   the world’s leading educational company and official publisher of the phenomenal Harry Potter Series, is now offering America’s leading English and Reading Programs for students from Grade 1 to High School IV in Southville International School and Colleges. Scholastic is likewise accepting students from other schools.
Scholastic Programs are geared towards helping students build English literacy skills using activity-based learning in a flexible and world-class environment.
This program aims to assist students with reading difficulty and to address the gap in order to meet the standards required for the level. The program also builds on the essential skills for reading which are:Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Fluency, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Writing. Scholastic After the Bell builds a dynamic combination of the essential skills mentioned.
SISC firmly believes that the academic success of a child greatly depends on the strong foundation of all key areas of communication. With our partnership with Scholastic, the most trusted name in learning, a customized English Learning Program is made available for our children to learn, to enjoy, and to succeed.
SISC and Scholastic believe in strengthening the four macro-skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. The Scholastic’s English Learning Program offers a very comprehensive, well-tested and proven effective language learning program pioneered in America. The program is anchored on building fundamental reading skills for the students to fully understand their lessons in all subject areas as the mastery of the reading skills is crucial to your child’s success in school.
A study by Cunningham and Stanovich shows that “it is through wide and frequent reading of printed materials that students in grades 3 through 8 increase their general word recognition, vocabulary, and spelling performance. It’s a matter of reading volume. Reading a lot is one of the most powerful methods of increasing fluency, building vocabulary, and improving comprehension. Even the findings of the American National Reading Panel support the fact that the best readers read the most and the poor readers read the least”.
The Scholastic English Learning Program is supported by technology and standardized evaluation materials to continually assess their progress throughout the program. It offers the following benefits:

  • Access to technology tools to motivate and monitor comprehension
  • ReadAbout TM – an interactive personal reading and vocabulary coach
        that supplements reading skills and strategies taught in the class. 
        Content areas are Science, Social Studies, Humanities
  • Access to Scholastic Reading Counts TM -, a learning information
        system that assesses, tracks and records the reading comprehension
        of the students on books read.
  • Access to 3,000 titles of books available in the center for take-home
        and reference; the books are leveled to match students’ reading ability
  • Homework and research help every week
  • Close coordination between Scholastic and SISC to monitor your
        child’s success in school


How to avail of the program

To further give you a better understanding of what the Scholastic program can do for your child, please call 825-6374 local 203 or visit Munich Campus.