BS Medical Technology Degree Philippines

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Why study Medical Technology at SSLC?

The four-year program is globally in demand and laboratory-oriented providing in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge on detection,  diseases through diagnostics processes. Since the program requires focus among the students, enrolment in each course is limited. This also enables students who start the professional sequence of courses to have sure internship placements on-site where they could get hands-on and ‘’real world” experience. On-campus courses are taught in state-of-the-art equipped classrooms and laboratories where students have all the opportunities to practice their skills prior to the internship. The college maintains affiliations in the Philippines and abroad. It is a member of the ASEAN Association of Schools of Medical Technology and the Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology (PASMET).  Students are members of the Philippine Society of Medical Technology Students (PHISMETH). SSLC is affiliated with the country’s notable hospitals such as the Philippine Heart Center, East Avenue Medical Center, and Las Piñas Doctors Hospital.

Medical laboratory science professionals are healthcare professionals that provide an essential role in  the field of medicine. They have a vast knowledge in all aspects of laboratory medicine.  They uncover vital laboratory information that assist physicians in patient diagnosis and treatment, as well as in  disease monitoring or prevention. Medical Laboratory science professionals are mandated to produce  an accurate and precise results that are needed in detecting various diseases using state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory procedures with sophisticated instrumentation. They are analyzing various  specimens like blood, urine, tissue and other body specimens which requires extensive knowledge of normal and abnormal physiology, correlation of laboratory data to specific disease. The areas of specialty for Medical Laboratory are Clinical Chemistry, Hematology, Immunohematology ,Clinical Immunology, Clinical Bacteriology and the emerging field of Molecular Diagnostics. BS Medical Technology is the pre program for students who want to take up Medicine because the professional courses are aligned with the Medicine. Curriculum advanced education like a Master’s Degree or Doctorate. One may also find rewarding careers in the field of education.

 1st Year 

  • Understanding the Self                                                      
  • Mathematics in the Modern World
  • Human Anatomy & Physiology with Pathophysiology
  • Inorganic & Organic Chemistry
  • Principles of Medical Laboratory Science (Practice 1)
  • Wellness and Fitness
  • National Service Training Program 1
  • SSLC Hallmarks
  • Purposive Communication
  • Environmental Science
  • Health Information System for MLS
  • Analytical Chemistry (Qualitative & Quantitative Chemistry)
  • Biostatistics & Epidemiology
  • Principles of Medical Laboratory Science (Practice 2)
  • Science, Technology & Society
  • Ballroom Dancing
  • National Service Training Program 2
  • Values & Character Development

2nd Year

  • Life and Works of Rizal
  • Word Literature
  • Biochemistry for Medical Laboratory Science
  • Community & Public Health for MLS
  • Laboratory Management
  • MedTech Laws & Bioethics
  • Principles & Strategies of Teaching in MLS with Health Education
  • Individual/ Dual Sports\
  • Interpersonal/ Interpersonal Relations or EQ
  • Ethics
  • The Contemporary World
  • Readings in Philippine History
  • Art Appreciation
  • The Entrepreneurial Mind
  • Clinical Parasitology
  • Human Histology
  • Cytogenetics
  • Team Sports
  • Achievers’ Core Training
  • Clinical Chemistry 1
  • Hematology 1

3rd Year

  • Clinical Chemistry 2
  • Clinical Bacteriology
  • Analysis of Urine and Body Fluids
  • Histopathologic & Cytologic Techniques
  • Intro to MLS Research
  • Leadership and Leadership Process
  • Hematology 2
  • Professionalism and Urbanity
  • Immunology & Serology
  • Immunohematology
  • Molecular Biology and Diagnostics
  • Mycology and Virology
  • MLS Research Paper Writing and Presentation
  • Medical Technology Assessment Program 1
  • Seminar 1
  • MLS Integrated Learning Program 1
  • 5Cs in  the Workplace

4th Year

  • Clinical Internship 1
  • Medical Technology Assessment Program 2
  • Seminar 2
  • MLS Integrated Learning Program 2
  • Clinical Internship 2

A center of excellence and a recognized leader south of Metro Manila in equipping students with excellent job-related knowledge, skills, and ethical values to become the best Medical Technologists through student-centered learning, leadership and continued intellectual development and alignment of programs with the evolving needs of our country in the 21st century

South SEED-LPDH College (SSLC) College of Medical Technology is committed to prepare students for successful careers, to promote ethical practice in Medical Technology, and become productive and responsible citizens through LIFE.

LEAD. Empower student leaders to prepare them for leadership roles.

INNOVATIVE. Promote innovation and excellence in education to train students to become the best in their field and take care of the improvement in their field of discipline by implementing new discoveries, developing and implementing advances that will spell the edge of SSLC graduates over those who graduated from other universities.

FUSE. Link/partner with industry- related agencies, community officers and other related organizations here and abroad to expand curricular and co- curricular programs and resources 

EDUCATE. Prepare students to become the best in their fields through developing their love for scholarships in pursuit for updated knowledge and skills integrating practice.

  • Competent Faculty with post graduate degrees in their field of specialization and extensive industry practice
  • All the faculty are members of Philippine Association of Medical Technologist, Inc. (PAMET) and Philippine Association of Schools of Medical Technology (PASMETH).

Student Testimonial

Tricia C. Del Ocampo

A plant needs to be taken care of well for it to bloom beautifully. Like a plant, I was carefully nurtured by SSLC to become who I am today. I didn’t just become a competent and globally competitive Medical Technologist but I also became someone who is ready to face the world. To my professors and mentors in SSLC I am forever grateful

Iseya Alyanna Jacob


The online platforms used such as MOODLE, google classroom, and google meet are satisfactory enough for daily use. As a student, having proper platforms for daily learning is important so that we may properly submit the needed requirements for each subject as well as collect the handouts posted by the professor. For me, the platforms are greatly appreciated since it rarely has any problems when in use.