Value of the Week

July (Collaboration) – Fostering Sense of Inclusion and Belongingness

Week 1 – Welcoming Members of the Community
Week 2 – Behaving in Ways that are Enhancing of Friendly Relations
Week 3 – Fostering Feelings of Acceptance and Belonging in the
Week 4 – Making a Strong Sense of Connection with People in the


August (Character) – Growing in Mindfulness

Week 1 – Developing Mindful Self-reflection
Week 2 – Accepting One’s Strengths and Weaknesses
Week 3 – Valuing Opportunities for
Growth and Improvement
Week 4 – Growing / Practicing Mindfulness and Wellness


September (Collaboration) – Establishing Healthy Relationships

Week 1 – Getting to Know the Members of the School Community
Week 2 – Respecting and Accepting Each Other’s Uniqueness
Week 3 – Showing Flexibility and Adaptability in Relating with Others
Week 4 – Growing in Confidence, Assertiveness in Maintaining Healthy

October (Collaboration) – Embracing Cultural Diversity and Global Competence

Week 1 – Demonstrating Knowledge and Awareness of Local, Global /
Intercultural Issues
Week 2 – Accepting Different Cultural Perspectives and World Views
Week 3 – Relating and Working Respectfully and Harmoniously with
Week 4 – Taking Responsible Action towards Sustainability and
Collective Wellbeing


November (Commitment to Achieve) Grit and Growth Mindset

Week 1 – Valuing Effort and Hardwork
Week 2 – Having Direction and Determination
Week 3 – Completing Tasks with Perseverance and Discipline
Week 4 – Welcoming Challenges that Enhance the Love of Learning
and Resilience


December (Collaboration) – Relating with Empathy and Compassion

Week 1 – Understanding the Perspectives and Behaviors of Others
Week 2 – Developing Sensitivity to the Needs of Others
Week 3 – Responding to the Needs of Others especially the Socially-disadvantaged
Week 4 – Demonstrating Empathy and Compassion in One’s


January (Commitment to Achieve) – Goal Setting: Passion to Achieve

Week 1 – Knowing One’s Strengths Needed to Achieve Identified
Week 2 – Strengthening Sense of Purpose
Week 3 – Setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and
Time-bound (SMART) Goals and Expected Outputs
Week 4 – Practicing / Living Out the 7Ds (Drive, Direction, Do,
Discipline, Determination, Dare, Divinity) in Accomplishing


February (Character) – Effective Control and Management of Feelings and Emotions

Week 1 – Identifying One’s Feelings and Emotions, and Their Impact on
Week 2 – Learning More Effective Ways of Handling Emotions
Week 3 – Developing Emotional Resilience in Handling Situations
Week 4 – Growing in Emotional Stability

March (Character) – Orderliness and 5S

Week 1 – Sorting and Simplifying: Identifying Cleanliness Problems
and Mess Prevention
Week 2 – Systematic Organizing: Decluttering/Removing Unnecessary
Records and Files
Week 3 -Standardizing: Setting Procedures for Cleanliness
Week 4 – Sustaining: A Place for Everything and Everything in its Own


April (Competence; Commitment to Achieve) – Rigor: Mark of Excellence

Week 1 – Aiming for Excellence
Week 2 – Giving One’s Best in Accomplishing Tasks
Week 3 – Developing and Sharpening One’s Skills and Competencies
towards Excellence
Week 4 – Going Beyond One’s Comfort Zone – Testing Limits


May (Character) – Sincerity, Reliability, Integrity

Week 1 – Treating Others the Way One Wants to be Treated
Week 2 – Taking Responsibility for One’s Actions and Behaviors
Week 3 – Asserting Openly One’s Thoughts and Feelings
Week 4 – Growing in Consistency Between Words and Actions


June (Creativity) – Valuing Creativity and Innovation

Week 1 – Generating New and Different Concepts and Ideas
Week 2 – Identifying and Solving Problems Using Critical and Creative
Week 3 – Using Innovative Approaches to Address Academic / Day to
Day Challenges
Week 4 – Growing in Creative Thinking and Innovation through GEM