Online BS Information Technology Degree

Why study Online BS Information Technology in Southville?

Southville is the pioneer international institution to offer the Online BS Information Technology degree, your first step to becoming a future IT professional.  Southville has been recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) as an Autonomous Higher Education Institution, the highest degree of recognition.  The Online BS Information Technology degree at Southville uses innovative teaching strategies such as coding challenges, project learning and learning material from the top education institutions around the world. In addition, Southville has industry partnerships with Oracle, Google, and Microsoft to ensure its graduates’ superior competence in the global arena. This program is open for students who reside outside Metro Manila, Laguna and Cavite.

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As most industries, big and small, dramatically integrate technology into their operations, the course has become a top choice for the majority of today’s learners. The Online BS Information Technology degree at Southville aims to produce not only IT experts but elite technocrats who will strengthen the digital competence of the 21st Century workforce. Digital literacy is apparently dominating today’s skill set that will help professionals stay at the top of their game. It also adapts to global transformations of all systems amid adversities that threaten livelihood and productivity. The Online BS Information Technology degree at Southville ensures job security and technological prowess in the ever-changing circumstances that we are facing today.

Students develop a future-oriented ethos to become high-caliber IT professionals adaptive to the first-world standards. Southville prides itself with undergraduates who are already competent programmers, developers, and field advocates at a very young age. It also aims to produce IT graduates who have a balanced theoretical and technical knowledge of the field through experience-based learning. As a partner of the world’s leading provider, Microsoft, Southville College of Information Technology strives to strengthen the global significance of digital literacy and technological versatility for personal and professional competence of the 21st Century workforce.

Message from the Program Director

“It is a responsibility, a necessity, to open the eyes of this generation and make them more accountable on how they work with technology, maximize its potential, and use it for the common good. It is a duty, a must, to produce well-rounded and technology-savvy citizens equipped with both the knowledge and values that would aid them in this digital age. It is a mission, a creed, to produce competent technocrats who will value their position in today’s society and foster their analytical mindset as they shape the lives we have created online and prepare the world for the unknown yet fascinating future of technology. At Southville, we introduce students to its various extents and instill in them the field’s ethics, insights, and practices at a global perspective.”

Student Testimonial

Southville’s IT approach to molding my mind to have an enterprise level mentality is why I am very successful in my job today. This bleeds through the Southville Institution also because every major class that I have attended is very relevant to my job. As a student, I wasn’t able to see the bigger picture because I couldn’t see how it all fits in the corporate world. Each class was another opportunity to expand my mindset, and I was able to immediately apply the strategies and discipline I have learned from Southville directly into my current career. I am a proud Alumni of Southville and I pray for its continual growth and success because “If you want to be Amazing, You have to be Southville”.