Eight (8) College Coeds Share Multicultural Experiences through the United States Spring Work and Travel (U.S WAT) 2011 Program -

Eight (8) College Coeds Share Multicultural Experiences through the United States Spring Work and Travel (U.S WAT) 2011 Program

Eight (8) college coeds from different degree programs have successfully completed the 3.5-month work program in the different states of America and they shared their multi-cultural experiences during the de-briefing program held for those who successfully completed the program.
“I joined the U.S Spring Work and Travel Program because I want to experience diverse training that would lead me to my successful entrepreneurial career in the future,” said Elizabeth Uyami, a BS entrepreneurship student who worked at bargain Beachwear, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
The U.S Work and Travel (U.S WAT) Program is a cultural exchange program of the U.S State Department that allows current full-time college students of any course, 18-25 years old and preferably in their second or third year level, to enter the United States and meet new people, learn about us culture while working in a private company during their summer break and at the end of their work experience, have the opportunity to travel in the us. In turn, in the true nature of a cultural exchange program, the participant will enrich the lives of other people by giving them the chance to learn about each other’s culture and country. In SISC, students who participated in the U.S Work and Travel Program get academic credits in their practicum subject.
Two (2) practicumers received excellent perfect 5 evaluation from their immediate supervisors. To wit, “Loriza De Los Reyes, (BS Entrepreneurship student) is an exemplary employee, flexible in every task presented to her, communicated well, understood and followed directions, learned the job quickly and efficiently. She performed calmly under pressure”, said Linda Bache, manager of Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. On the other hand, “Kathleen Lorena, (AB Mass Communication student) is an exceptional employee. She is very quick to learn, very productive, and a terrific team member in every way. I rated her perfect “5” in every category because she is honestly that good”, said Patrick Martinack, Asst. Director, Participant Services, CIIE (Council on International Educational Exchange) Main Office, Portland, Maine.

“I recommend this program to other students for them to be able to gain more experience and learn to live by themselves and it taught me how to solve work-related problems ,” encouraged Crislyn Marie Arduo, (BS Tourism students) who was assigned at Hampton Hotel, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina.
Ralph Rigor Manalo, (AB Psychology student) changed his outlook about work and its challenges while being assigned at Bargain Beachwear, Myrtle Beach in South Carolina while Kyoko Takeuchi (BSBA Marketing student) developed combined sense of independence and fun while working at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Ohio. Megan Merrielle Delim, (BS Information Technology student) enjoyed her experience to have been away from her parents while living independently and was assigned at Kings Dominion, Doswell in Virginia.
“I highly recommend the program to other SISC students who would like to have a different training abroad for multi cultural experience prior to real world of work,” suggests Ira Nicdao (BS Tourism student) who was assigned at JW Marriott ( largest Marriott hotel chain in the U.S) in Indianapolis, Indiana.
Mrs. Manalo and Mrs. Arduo, parents of the two participants, considered their children’s experience as priceless and enduring as they prepare their career. These testimonies were captured during the de-briefing with participants and parents last July 15 at the Executive Board Room, 5th Floor, Tropical Building.