Rex Wallen Tan
Imperial College London
Southville Batch 2001

Rex Wallen Tan received the loyalty award for studying in Southville from preschool until high school.  He then continued his studies in some of the top institutions worldwide.  He pursued further character development at the prestigious Timbertop campus in Australia, located in Victoria Alpine Park where he completed 6-day hikes, marathons and community service (notable alumni include Prince Charles).


Deciding to complete his further education in England, he completed his A-levels with straight A grades and graduated  from the Imperial College London with 1st class honors Masters degree in Computing (Artificial Intelligence) at 21 years old. Imperial College was ranked by the Times Higher Education Supplement as the 5th best school in the world (Sir Alexander Fleming discovered Penicillin at Imperial College).  While studying, he was also a working student having stints as a teacher’s assistant (Imperial College), researcher (Vodafone), software engineer (KBC Financial Products), and volunteer (Oxfam foundation).

Currently he has just completed the requirements to be a Microsoft Certified Trainer, Sun Certified Java Programmer and is working on becoming a certified associate in project management and as a side-note is also fluent in Spanish.


Rex Wallen Tan writes:

“I’ve had experience living in Spain, England and Australia just on my own – without my parents, starting when I was 14 years old.  I was surprisingly well prepared. I had no difficulties adjusting to the cultural differences and I was absolutely ready to handle the independent life.  At Imperial College, I was surrounded by the best students in Europe and I felt that I rose to the occasion by graduating with 1st class honors (equivalent to Suma Cumlaude).  Believe it or not; I was a problem kid most of my life and I thank my teachers at Southville for helping me become who I am,  they helped me change from a failing student (in Grade School) to an honor student (4th year high school) . I wish the International Baccalaureate diploma was offered back in my time though so I wouldn’t have to leave home so young, but thank you to all my teachers at Southville.”